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tv   This Hour With Berman and Michaela  CNN  February 20, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. but hurry, sleep train's presidents' day sale ends sunday. . blood bath in ukraine. the deadliest day the nation has seen in years. at least 100 people killed. the united states tip toes towards this international crisis. >> the confederate flag stirring up another battle in georgia. this time it's featured on a new state approved specialty license
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plate. we're going to look at the clash between those that say the flag honors southern heritage and those that see it as racial. it's worth $19 billion. $19 billion and i'd never heard of it. what is this whatsapp. why did facebook want it so badly? this is huge news that could change the way you communicate. hello everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm michaela pereira. those stories and more at this hour. shots flight in the square, blood flowing. u.s. officials worry the violence could get worse. 100 killed today alone, hundreds more injured in the worst outbreak of violence since protestors camping out in square three months ago. it's unclear what prompted the new gunfire. cnn crews tell us protestors
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were throwing rocks and moll toef cocktails at police. closer ties with the you're european instead of accepting raid from russia. we'll have a live report from kiev in a moment. a big day in ennew jersey f chris christie. the subject is supposed to be sandy relief. this is open to the public. you never know. could be a free for all. there are protests outside. in the past, these have been high drama events where the governor goes toe to toe with the public, sometimes in their face. it will be interesting to see how he acts today. a warning to airlines of possible attempts to hide bombs in shoes, cosmetics and athletics. they feel terror groups are work
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on new bomb designs. unrelated to the warning about the explosives, remember the warning before the olympics hidden bombs in toothpaste tubes. and ted cruz rules out campaigning. the texas lawmaker would not rule out campaigning with ted nugent in the future. senator cruz smoke in an interview with our dana bash. >> there's a reason i played that for you. this week you're in texas as i mentioned he was invited to campaign with the man who may be your next governor in your party. >> those sentiments there of course i never agree. you've never heard me say such a thing nor would i. i'll note there's a reason people listen to ted nugent. he has been fighting passionately for second amendment rights. >> would you campaign with ted nugent? >> i haven't yet. i'm going to avoid engaging in
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hypotheticals. >> the man dana mentioned running for governor. he invited ted nugent to campaign with him in texas this week. we're keeping an eye on severe weather moving. we've been saying this over and over. the fact is tornados are possible today from the great lakes south to the gulf coast. the areas of greatest concern there on your map. talking alabama, kentucky, mississippi and tennessee. sadly once that front moves through, more freezing winter weather is coming right behind it. >> back to our top story. gunfire shatters a fragile truce in ukraine leaving bodies in the square. there are reports of 100 dead. this is a tug of war of east and west. protestors want ukraine to ally more with the european union and not russia.
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>> there are developments minute by minute. leaders are discussing possible sanctions against ukraine. the united states watching this very closely, very carefully. one official saying the ukraine, crack down, could get more severe any time. that's because the ukraine they say is under pressure from russia. we understand just in the last few minutes we've been learning ukrainian officials say several police have been killed, at least 25 injured. there could be an ununiformed police officer, more than one in fact held hostage now. joining us from kiev independent square, nick peyton walsh and also joined by nick burns, former ambassador to nato, joins us from harvard. first, nick walsh, give us a sense of what is happening right now? >> as we stand now, dark has
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finally fallen. we have to my left the clash with police happened. substantial barricades, tires set on fire, police much further down the road. the first line of defense is there. another one down there and eventually into the square. they've been cleaning up the square after the clashes in the past couple of days trying to maintain some sense of control there. of course waiting for police to respond in some way. police have pushed in the last two days to retake a lot of the square. this morning's activity where all the people died was protestors moving towards police lines. we're hearing from medical officials working with protestors, possibly 100 have died. we haven't seen the bodies themselves. that's a large jump from the figure of 20 we heard before. that figure alone is going to inflame anger here as well. we saw this morning clashes and exchanges of gunfire, fire
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towards protestors from the area police were standing. i also spoke to one protestor carrying a shotgun that said he fired back towards police when people near him were shot upon by snipers. dozens have lost their lives. you also mentioned that 67 police according to the interior ministry have been taken hostage, we're not clear about that. there have been a lot of police officers appearing on television saying they've joined protestors. we don't know where the 67 are or who they are. again, that strong statement from the police suggesting there could be a crack down further head. >> that is the scene where nick payton walsh is on the ground. ambassador burns, let's talk about this. this is seen as a batle of east and west. we know the economy is in bad shape, trying to figure who to reply with, eu or moscow.
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they accepted a $15 billion russian bailout instead of a trade deal with the eu. that's when protestors flooded the square. why are they so passionate and putting their lives on the line for this? >> you're absolutely right. this is nothing short of catastrophic for ukraine. what we're witnessing and watching is a badly divided society. part of ukraine, particular western ukraine, young people they want jobs and investment in their economy. there's another part of ukraine, the industrialized part of ukraine, russian speakers that see their future with russian shach -- with russia. you see a country slit in the
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middle. you don't see effect i haive leadership from yanukovych. attacks were brutal and unnecessary. you also don't see a matured measured attitude from moscow. what you see is power politics, intimidation and politics of division. i think those are as soon as possible of the reasons we're witnessing this. i do think the united states has acted the right way to say in president barack obama statement in particular last night, there needs to be a cease fire, a period of calm so people of ukraine can work through tough issues about their future. >> ambassador, the president said this is not a type of cold war chess match. it does seem like there's an international power struggle here. vladimir putin very much flexing muscles influencing what's happening. is there any way for the u.s.
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now to take any kind of action, hard action, soft action, sanctions, statements that could have effect about what's going on in the streets now in kiev? >> i think the role for the united states is to try to stand above the fray a little and argue with the government of ukraine not to use force in the streets of kiev. to establish some kind of durable cease fire then a political transition process where the protestors, the people of western ukraine can have a discussion with the leaders more calm about the future. that's what president barack obama was trying to say that the violence is ruining everything. obviously it was a thinly veiled reference this what he said, what president barack obama said last night to the russians. the russians do see this in cold war terms. zero sum mentality. they are threatened by ukraine with tighter economic relations. that's better for the future of people from ukraine.
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what's required of leadership, you're seeing the european leader and united states. you're not seeing it from yanukovych and certainly not from vladimir putin. >> we thank you both for your input and report there nick. we're going to check with you later. ambassador burns, thanks for the context. a lot of people went to bed thinking maybe there was a truce. then things exploded. >> 70 hostages, police, we're hearing now. there is nothing dispassionate about what's happening in the streets of kiev now. let's take a break. new jersey governor, kchris christie is holding the first town meeting since the bridgegate scandal broke. who's going to come out swinging? will it be a much more calm chris christie? we'll have to wait and see.
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governor chris christie microphone in hand taking questions from new jersey voters at this hour. first time he's done this since the george washington bridge scandal broke. >> live pictures now. you can see the back of the governor now. this is supposed to be about federal money rebuilding after hurricane sandy. he opened with a statement about the importance of this relief
8:16 am
and talked about accomplishments in dealing with the after math of sandy. of course the governor will get to take questions. the big question is, will the whole george washington bridge lane lclosure come up? >> if you had to put money on it? >> absolutely. >> he said he knew nothing about it being payback for a maynor th -- a mayor for not supporting him. >> my friend chris, you've been covering this for some time. now me where this town meeting fits in? it's like a coming out party. he hasn't faced the public. >> i want to say congrats to both of you. getting lots of buzz in
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washington. this town hall, he's taken questions on the radio about this. we hear from voters. this is a first time he's in front of of the public. we'll see how concerned jersey voters. another thing to watch, this is a sandy town hall meeting. there's been controversial surrounding the funding. he's taken criticism about how it's been spent. he's looking to make a point. he's on political high ground with sandy. all events had been sandy focused. it's where he feels comfortable. even if there's protest hers there to mix it up with him a little bit, that's an area he feels comfortable. i'm looking for the back and forth, trademark chris christie town hall style where somebody gets up and challenges him and he ends up calling them an idiot or stupid. lots of things to watch here.
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the last time he took questions, not a lot of bridgegate questions when he did a radio show a few weeks ago. it will be interesting if that's bubbled up now. >> given where the town hall meeting is, he's got a fairly friendly audience. let's talk about the line of questions. would it be a good thing for him to get these tough question sos he can expand the narrative he's doing everything he can to cooperate with investigators? >> on sandy or on the bridge scandal? >> on both really. >> you know what, there's investigations. fbi opened the investigation on the use of sandy funds. obviously you have the investigation of the bridge gale scandal. if i was recommending and advising the governor, i would say limit what you say. there's ongoing investigations. you have to way and balance
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between somebody like governor christie and the ongoing investigation. he doesn't know anything and can't answer the questions. he'll say we're cooperating with the investigation. i don't agree what stepien and kelly do. that's where he should leave it. >> we're looking at a live picture of chris christie. when he takes questions we'll give you that sound with the back and forth between voters. this has left a mark. no matter how you think the governor has handled it, it has affected him in the realm of the poll. in december the favorable. >> he was a front runner for the nomination after he won in november. right now he's in the middle of
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the pact. we're so far out from the running for president in 2016. but he's still in many ways one of the front runners for the republican presidential nomination. let's talk about the numbers back in november when he won re-election in the democratic state of new jersey. four years ago, he was not supposed to win in new jersey. however he did in november. he won women, latinos, moderate, a third of the democrats. in many ways he was a candidate for the republican party they have been searching for so long. in fact he's going to be here in two weeks and going to speak before the activist conference. these are activists that don't necessarily like chris christie because he's from the northeast. he does hold a lot of their values because he's pro live, he doesn't necessary believe in giving marriage rights to same sex couples. he's going to speak to this
8:21 am
group now starting to flock to him because he thinks the liberal media is attacking him. while he is being dinged and losing popularity amongst the masses, the base is starting to come to him. we'll see what he does during the town hall today john. even though he's going to get questions from bridgegate, it's not so much the answers it's how he responds. if he acts presidential, that's probably a good thing. >> gentlemen, keep your seats. we're going to keep watching this town hall. we'll listen to it and bring you back for information. thanks for joining us. ahead, the confederate flag at center of a heated debate in the south. it's on a specialty license plate in georgia. we'll hear from both sides
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. it is a battle that's flaring here in georgia. this is the flash point. a new state approved specialty license plate that features the confederate battle blag. many feel that honors their heritage. >> others see this as a racially charged symbol of oppression. we have the georgia division sons of the confederates and charles steel, southern christian leadership conference. thank you for being here to have this conversation with us.
8:26 am
charles, first of all, why the battle over the latest license tag. supporters say they have a right to honor their legacy? >> first of all we have serious problems with racism within this country. that's a part of our history in terms of the confederacy. that's where it should maintain, in history. not to bring the dark side of our history in terms of this country because the whole world is looking. i just got back from berlin, germany. they were saying we want to be like you all working with both ethnicity and races. what i'm saying is if it's a part of history, it's a dark side of history. we were tortured, our family was divided under this type of mind set. we cannot afford to go back. you're talking 50 years later after the 1963 march on
8:27 am
washington. >> ray, what about that? we've heard the argument it's about of georgia's heritage. is it part of charles' heritage? a lot of african-americans live in georgia. is that part of their heritage that's deserving of commemoration? >> it absolutely is. we actually as an organization have members of every ethnic group that lived in the south during the war from 1860 to 1865. we have black members, jewish, hispanic members. the sons of confederate veterans is not an organization that has to do with race. we find it ironic the month of february, the folks that want to celebrate their heritage are the same that are sell celebrating theirs. >> are you talking black history month? are you saying this is celebration of the confederacy? >> we're saying every group of
8:28 am
people has a right to celebrate their own heritage and history. we find it ironic those critical of the license plate have got their own celebration going this month. we think it's a little hypocritical. >> but at the cost of celebrating one is the cost of celebrating somebody else. when you hear that what is that? >> when are we going to join alliance? should we have a tag with the black panther party? >> would you be okay with that ray? >> we think every organization that meets the qualifications ought to have their own specialty plate. we don't have a problem with any organization. >> next you have ku klux klan. it's bad for business. >> one of the things that upsets you charles and the group that
8:29 am
is -- >> it's okay. that's your property. this is sanction. this is supported by the state of georgia. that is a no no. that is saying that they're willing to support slavery. take us back inch by inch. we cannot be tolerant on this particular issue. >> ray, millions of drivers on the road. 439 have bought the -- >> those numbers are not correct. i don't know who gave those numbers to the reporter that wrote that story. every year -- in the last several years between 3,000 and 4,000 people request a specialty license plate from the sons of confederate veterans. that was before we had the flag
8:30 am
featured. 3-4,000 each year have requested it. i don't know how the figures came about. >> you at least understand it means something different to other people? and it will be a daily reminder on the highways of george george? >> you understand you're telling african-americans members of our organization they're not allowed to celebrate their history and heritage as southerners and sons of confederate veterans because people don't like it? >> is there middle ground here? >> everybody should respect everyone's right to celebrate their own heritage. >> can i make a twist here? what i see is treason. you tried to overthrow this country. it is a shame in this day of time. >> he didn't try to --
8:31 am
>> no. but his heritage had an input in terms of what he's trying to represent with this particular image. >> there's certainly going to be a lot of opinions. we encourage you at home to tweet us. ray and charles, thanks for coming. there's both sides of the equation. >> thank you. ahead this hour, a new terror threat. new fears of a shoe bomber targeting the u.s. what needs to be down to keep our skies safe. spokesperson: we decided to settle this. a steel cage death match of midsize sedans. the volkswagen passat against all comers. turbocharged engines against...engines. best in class rear legroom against other-class legroom. but then we realized. consumers already did that. twice. huh. maybe that's why nobody else showed up. how does one get out of a death cage? vo: hurry in and lease the 2014 passat for $189 a month.
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so you can. in the bloodiest day yet in kiev, reports of 100 killed in the square. we have just learn had the russia is sending a mediator to kiev at the request of ukraine's president according to the spokesman. also ukraine's government says dozens of police officers are taken hostage. i'm not a mediator will be acceptable to the protestors there. >> dozens have been camped out since the trade deal with the european union was not signed. he instead took aid from russia. protestors demand he give up powers. i said cnn confirmed police had
8:36 am
confirmed officers were taken hostage. that is not confirmed. we have not been able to confirm that. >> we're working through the information coming in frequently. we'll work to confirm and bring it to you. onto another concern here at home. homeland security is issuing a new warning to airlines. watch out for attempts to hide explosives in shoes. liquids, and cosmetics on trips a broad. >> i want to bring in former homeland security agent michael. officials say there's no specific threat. to me the idea they're looking at shoe bomb, that's specific. what's the discrept say here? >> the challenge is when do you share? it's a threat of moderate
8:37 am
severity. you don't know what plane it could be on. you're heightening up security levels. if you didn't do it and god forbid something did happen, there would obviously be criticism and chance to of avoided what the effort is out there. you know what the story really is, what's old is new again. richard reed, the shoe bomber, the threat from england where they tried to use the liquid bombs. again, it's the hydro general peroxide bombs. >> has it advanced since 2009? what have we learned since then? >> there are so many agencies like the homeland security advanced projects agency. what happens there is they test all these different standoff detection systems. it hasn't gone to the point you can walk into a screening system
8:38 am
and truly know what people have on them. now, that doesn't mean we're not going to stop it. we are going to stop a lot of things because of the way the backs scatter. different techniques we tried over the years. these are types of things you have to put in place. the oldest in terms of trying to prevent a bombing, you don't look for the bomb. you look for the bomber. behavioral assessment of officer, ability to spot what people are trying to do, getting on a plane. these techniques have evolved since 9/11. >> we were on a plane yesterday. i don't think we saw anything different. if you're a passenger flying in and out of the u.s., what are you likely to see now that there are new warnings. >> homeland security, some of is o vert, some is covert. they use cameras and supervisors. there's an array of passengers
8:39 am
coming through. hundreds and hundreds coming through screening points at any given time of day. you're also saying perhaps somebody posing as a passenger but is not a passenger. you may see people pulled off the line saying can we talk to you. some say why don't we do like they do in israel? that's impractical given the g millions that fly in the u.s. everyday. >> thanks for joining us this hour. ahead, another data breach. it goes back 16 years, back to 1998. makes you ask the question, is any of our personal information safe? >> man, in the 90s? don't want nobody know about that. hey guys! sorry we're late. did you run into traffic?
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an update for you. homeland security is cancelling plans to track vehicle license plate across the nation. we talked about it yesterday at this hour. later in the afternoon, homeland security officials came out with the order to cancel. >> the washington post says the agency wanted the national tracking system to help them find illegal immigrants. privacy advocates were concerned because law a biding citizens could be tracked. there are two big stories to tell you making a lot of news. first, a lot of people shocked to learn that facebook -- >> most people. >> facebook is buying this whatsapp thing for a whopping $19 billion. i mean, you know -- i know technology. >> don't worry america, i
8:44 am
explained whatsapp to him. this is really concerning. hundreds of thousands of university of maryland students and employees have been shocked to learn their personal data may have been hacked. joining us, brett larson. good to see you my tech friend. >> good to see you too. let's talk about what's happened. >> first of all for the crowd, explain how it works. more importantly probably why it's so valuable to facebook. >> it's quite interesting why it's so valuable. think of skype for text messaging. works across the globe, around the world. you can message anybody in the form of text message, groups of people. it goes over your data plan not sms plan. this is great in emerging market, in countries where texting is expensive. it's a great alternative. state side it's not as big as it is in other places only because
8:45 am
most of our cell phone plans include unlimited texting. we're not concerned. that doesn't mean it's less valuable. >> that's ding, ding, ding, why it's valuable to facebook. >> there you go. facebook has struggled with a messenger app. they're looking to attract and keep younger users. they estimate they'll send a trillion messages this year out pacing text messaging. >> the part that was confusing to me, facebook bought instagram for a billion bucks. this is $19 billion. that's a lot of money. what you can you guy with that? four world trade centers? 12.6 hot dogs which we know mark zukerburg likes. >> you could bing on netflix 109
8:46 am
years. >> this whatsapp thing was $19 billion. >> they put in a bid for snap chat for only $3 billion. okay let's talk about the breach. this time maryland university records hacked. over 300,000 students affected. the information included their social security numbers. >> yeah. >> talk about that. >> of course we know our social security number is is the key that unlocks everything about us. everybody asks for it from your doctors office to your gym membership. everybody wants your social security number. if you say i don't want to give it to you, they can't run a credit check, think you're a deadbeat. i tried to do it when i got phone service. they said i have to go to a payment office and give them cash. you want to keep your social security number private. data breaches are starting to
8:47 am
remind me of computer virus outbreaks in late 90s early 2000's. if you're a hacker, it's like you can say, university of maryland, i did that. that gives you street credit. what's interesting about this one so far, the university of maryland has said there were no back doors open. these people just continued to pick locks until they got this fwhfr information. >> my new information, current information maybe, but this is old stuff. >> this is back when he had questionable hair choices. >> how much data do you have sitting around that you forgot about? >> right. >> great to have you here. nice talk. join us again at this hour. ahead next, canada dominates the united states in polar vortexes and justin bieber. can they beat us in hockey
8:48 am
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8:52 am
u.s. leading with 23, seven gold. russia and neglecter latherlandh 22. canada has six gold followed by germany. >> the event i'm super excited about, team usa taking on team canada in minutes in women's ice hockey. >> this is this battle for north america. andy scholes is here. team canada dominated the last three olympics. we know these teams on a personal level don't get along. >> since this became an olympic sport, canada has won the last two olympics. they beat usa for the gold. this is a rivalry both teams have been shooting for this game all year. the goalie said we've taken eight months to prepare for this moment. you know they want to win.
8:53 am
these two teams played in the group phase. canada won that game 3-2. we'll see. puck drops in less than ten minutes. >> a pais back. big event, women's free skating. americans in contention. >> they are. you know, they haven't won at this event in the last two olympics, this and the last. they have three skaters now in the top seven which is really good. that being said, medaling is going to be tough. the skater on top is the korean sensation, the defending champ. she's probably going to take the goal. gracie gold, ashley wagner and simmons. good chance to medal. they want to medal in this event because they haven't gone consecutive olympics coming home with the women's skating since 1948. >> wow. >> medal possibilities in lady's
8:54 am
half pipe. >> that's right. that's one of the x games moved to the winter olympics. it's gong well for team usa. david wye won. maddie bowman is an interesting character. in an interview with mother jones she says she has a sports spirit animal, she calls it a pi pizzly bear. >> what would you be john? >> i would go with pizzly. >> good to have you. >> good to be here. have you seen this -- look at this. people, that's a wolf. there's a wolf wandering around her hotel. look right there in the hallway. >> we know sochi has a problem
8:55 am
with strays. it's possible it could be a hybrid of some kind. we'll look at that again and figure out if it's a wolf. finally a doss of cable outrage. >> it's national outrage folks. a new ranking out by a company called mercer of north america's top livable cities. here they are. top five. vancouver, ottawa, toronto, montreal and san francisco. >> i'm sorry. >> do you notice about the top four there? >> they're not here. they're in canada. at least one of them, rob ford is the mayor. don't get me wrong, we love gordon. four of the five are in canada? isn't it cold there? are turtle necks that comfortable? north korea is the city that never sleeps. in illinois, sweet home chicago, heart of rock-n-roll in cleveland. no one sings about ottawa do
8:56 am
they? no. what's most livable about it? most like to visit but wouldn't want to live there. the population of canada is 35 million. the united states is 313 million. if we're talking math, if canada is so livable, why don't more live there? >> and the poll rankings, guess where it's from? >> canada. my rebuttal. couple of things. hockey. there's a bunch of nice things in hockey. the people -- i'm one of them. beer. a boat load of people. >> don't tweet me hating. this is a bit of a turn. a controversial spanking bill in kansas. the wichita eagle is reporting
8:57 am
that bill died. >> it would have allowed teachers to spank kids to a point their skin turned red or bruised. there were a lot of people concerned about that going through. it has died and no longer on the table. >> not going to happen. that's it from "at this hour" in atlanta. thanks for joining us. >> "legal view" starts next. fe " "that the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse." "that the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse." what will your verse be? purina dog chow light & healthy is a deliciously tender and crunchy kibble blend. with 20% fewer calories than purina dog chow.
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florida's top prosecutor, the latest lightning rod in the michael dunn murder trial. could her actions in the case allow dunn to walk free? she is firing back at critics in the exclusive interview. also this hour, the kiev independent square, a killing field. protestors reporting 100 dead, 500 wounded in the clashes with government


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